Stella TesoriHi!  I’m Deb Mellon and I’m the creator of the blog, Stella Tesori, Truly Magical Musings

I created Stella Tesori, with the positive intention of blending two parts real world experience with one part practical magic. It’s intended as guide of light and empowerment for chic bohemians, like you and me.

Here’s What I’d Like You To Know About Me 

In my day to day world, I’m a beauty business expert, a marketing maven and a quan spirit builder. My passion is working with and empowering entrepreneurs, and I love assuring that businesses and start-up companies achieve their goals. As a “Quan Spirit Builder”, I teach people how to tune in and tune up their own internal GPS.

As a former senior executive in the beauty industry, I’ve always been passionate about transformational leadership, and I have a natural ability of inspiring others in business and life. I believe that living a full life, filled with with purpose and with intention is not always an easy task. That’s why I created  my blog, Stella Tesori, as a way to help others tap into the magical side of life.

I’ve Learned What To Do And What Not To By Working Within Fortune 500 Companies

In my role as an executive, I spent over twenty years at the three largest Global Fortune 500 companies, within the beauty industry. I relished the opportunity to work with, learn from, and grow under some of the world’s top business leaders. I’ve also enjoyed working directly with top celebrity makeup artists, celebrities and stylists. Through these variety of life experiences, I developed a practical approach of left brain logic…the”what to do” and “not to do” in the world of business and life.

There’s Much More To Life Than “Feeling” Success In Business….

A Key Ingredient For Creating an Abundant Life Full of Passion, Purpose and Love:  It Takes Some Magic!

In designing a life roadmap, I’ve come to realize there is much more to it than just counting on what’s logical. My internal compass stems from a natural and developed heightened sense of intuition. Over the years, I’ve also come to believe in what some refer to as the law of attraction. I have a strong affinity for spirituality, crystals, meditation, astrology and divination. In addition to pure practical advice, you’ll find these more obscure elements within the pages of Stella Tesori as well.

The name Stella Tesori, is Italian for “Star Treasures”. I created Stella Tesori – Truly Magical Musings as a montage of words, essays, advice and images woven together by the possibility that we are all connected to a limitless, abundant & accommodating universe.  Simply put, I believe in utilizing my experience, background and internal knowledge base to help others live their best life!

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