Blood Moon Eclipse Tonight, Intense!

blood-moon-eclipseCan you feel it?  What’s all the talk about this Blood Moon Eclipse? (tonight at ~3:00AM EST).  This article is a short, concise look at the super charged versions of Aries Sun and Libra Moon influencing relationships, romance and work in this particular Blood Moon eclipse. This one is intense!

In the world of astrology and astronomy, this Blood Mood eclipse is part of a rare event called a Tetrad (a series of lunar eclipses). The last Tetrad was over 500 years ago & marked very significant events in history.

Under normal conditions, a full moon reflects against the sun’s attention to personal matters. With a Blood Moon eclipse everything is intensified. You can expect the overall effect to last much longer, to be stronger and the harder aspects of natal charts may be emphasized.

Blood Moon Eclipse:  Standoff Between Aries Sun and Libra Move Means Fireworks!

In a nutshell, the influence of this Blood Moon involves a standoff between a super-charged, aggressive version of Aries Sun against a super sensitive, needy version of Libra Moon. The key is to figure out which side is influencing YOU.

If you’ve been having recent strong feelings of leaving something behind, thinking it’s “me alone versus me and you”… or if you’ve been working through some heated issues in romance or at work, (not getting along with others) this could be due to the effect of Aries Sun in this eclipse.  Libra Moon is also throwing in it’s two cents to influence feelings that something is awry. It wants justice and time to reevaluate.

The overall difference is, Aries Sun motive is immediate action and change and Libra just wants to be assured of love and valued, now more than ever. That said, this eclipse can be a wake-up call to spur into action and make positive changes. Yet, don’t be rash or hasty. Take time to slow down, think things through and be a little more sensitive to the feelings of others during this moon phase.

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