What Is A Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse?



Feeling edgy, excited, full of nervous energy, or unable to sleep well this week?  You’re not alone and there’s a good reason. We’re about to have our second Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of the year on October 8, 2014, which is part of a rare event called a Tetrad. (a series of lunar eclipses) The last Tetrad was over 500 years ago and marked very significant events in history.

So what’s the difference between a regular full moon phase and a blood moon lunar eclipse?  Well, under normal conditions, a full moon reflects against the sun’s attention to personal matters. With a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse everything is intensified. You can expect the overall effect to last much longer, to be stronger in general and the harsher aspects of natal charts likely will be more pronounced as well.

October 2014 Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse:  Transformation, Letting Go, And I Can Do It Myself, thank-you!

In a nutshell, the influence of this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse involves transformation, reinvention and independence. Consider this particular one like your own personal day of reckoning!

Whatever has been holding you back or blocking you will be easier to finally change or it may just fall away on it’s own. Uranus is close by during this eclipse, and Uranus likes shock value! That said, expect the unexpected, courtesy of Uranus.  And, because this eclipse falls under Aries domain, expect that whatever happens, will happen boldly… Aries is never boring and always bold.

This Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse is also about realizing that something that you may have thought was right, just might not be what you thought is was after all. You’ll have clarity, finally. To that point, you may suddenly see things very differently and have the urge to let go of old baggage or things that are weighing you down.  You’re in the mood for a much needed change. And we’re talking big changes effecting the major areas of your life… relationships, home, family, work place….all for the better!

Lastly, you’ll feel like you want to assert your independence.  While the fear of being independent and going it alone may have held you back in the past, the energy of this blood moon can also help you to realize your own strength and will give you the confidence you have been searching for to finally breakout and make necessary changes.

Overall, this lunar eclipse can be a positive wake-up call to finally help you let go as necessary so that you can then move your life forward in the direction of your dreams!

With that being said though…..as with any moon phase, it’s important to not be rash or hasty. Take time to slow down, think things through and remember to be a little more sensitive to the feelings of others who are also under the influence of this strong moon as well.

Here’s to your happy and successful transformation on the moon eclipse!

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