Create The Life You Want: Use These Keys

Life sure does have peaks and valleys, which really do get in the way when you’re trying to create the life you want. I know that it certainly does have its ebbs and flows. Think about your life thus far as if it were a timeline of key events. Have you ever experienced a time in your life when everything just seems to “click” and all the details miraculously seem to fall in place?  The right people just seem to show up. Opportunities seem to come out of nowhere. Miracles happen.

Or on the contrary, can you look back and recall those frightfully maddening times where everything seemed chaotic, followed with that sinking feeling that everything is a big mess? It seems that no matter how hard you try, it gets worse (before it gets better)? Well, me too.

What’s The Secret?

That’s why I’m giving this great thought and intention; so that we all can live more of those times that feel so good and right. (and a lot less of the stressful, not so great times) Through the process, I’ve come to understand the laws of the universe through age, experience and knowledge of the way things work.

The truth is we all have an endless supply of super-charged powerful energy at our disposal. Many of us know it’s there. And others, simply haven’t yet discovered it. Why is that?


You Are Gifted With Your Own Personal Divine GPS System

Well, for starters, it’s really not everyday that we grant ourselves the opportunity to do nothing but completely and unabashedly connect inward to our own inner voice and spirit. I think it’s something that we should do more often for that spirit within is our very own divine GPS navigation system. When our GPS is “on” and we’re in sync with the universe, an endless stream of possibilities opens for each of us.

But How Can “It” Be Programmed Correctly When You Don’t Know Where or What You Want?

That’s the hard think about this GPS that you’ve been given. It can’t work for you unless you program it correctly. That means you need to ask yourself these simple defining questions in order to create the life you want.

Do you know what it is that you really want in life?  More importantly, what does success in life feel like to you? I know this:  you’ll see it when you believe it. You have the power to experience what you create.

If You’re Stuck: Try This Simple Mind Movie Exercise


Close your eyes and allow yourself to create a movie of your life in your mind. Imagine that you are waking up, three months from now. What is that you see?  Picture the room that you’re waking up in. Where exactly are you? Who are you with? Who is important to you? How does that person treat you?

See yourself getting up and ready to start your day, or go to work. Where are you going? How do you make your money? Notice how you are feeling in your mind movie. When you open your eyes, think about what you just imagined. This easy exercise can help you define what it is that you want, who you want to be and how you want to live.

You Can Create Limitless Possibilities

Open your heart and your mind to the limitless possibilities ahead of you in life.

Lastly, I can tell you this from experience. I’m amazed that when I look back on my life, how quickly darkness could turn back to light. The big secret is…Never lose sight of hope. Remember that you are indeed the master of your fate, the captain of your soul. And that you have a divine internal GPS system. 🙂   It will help you create the life you want, finally!

Use The GPS and Move One Step Further Toward The Direction of Your Dreams

So let this year be the year that you declare yourself victorious. It’s time to unleash your inner goddess.  Let your own divine GPS navigation system take you where you want to go.

How To Program Your Own Divine Inner GPS System

Here’s the big advice coming your way! Make these 7 Universal Keys part of your everyday life and watch your entire life magically change.

The 7 Universal Keys To Program Your Inner GPS:  Create The Life You Want

Be Grateful. Gratitude changes everything. It’s is the miraculous healer of the universe. (gratitude)


Stay present in the moment.  The past is associated with guilt. The future is associated with worry. Let it go. Live right here, right now. (presence)


Trust your own instincts. Listen to your voice. Squash the nay sayers. Slow down. Before you need to make a decision, ask yourself, “What is my true intention in this situation? (trust)



Change your thoughts and you will change your life. This key is almost as big as the first key, gratitude.  Your thoughts have energy, pure and simple. They can generate positive energy or negative energy around you. You are in control of your own thoughts no matter what the circumstances. In addition. watch your own thoughts and your own words in your head. Be careful what you wish for because you are really likely to get it. (awareness, positivity)



What we dwell on, we become. Attention goes where energy flows. Also ponder this fact:  we become like the 5 people we spend the most time with.  Where is your focus and attention?  Keep your vibrational energy high and you’ll begin to create the life you want. (focus)

To receive more, give more. It’s a karmic universal law that we must put in to play in our daily lives. Practice random acts of kindness, senseless acts of beauty. We never know the burden that someone else is carrying. Let’s not judge, less we be judged. (compassion)

There is always a way forward. When there is a will there is a way – often with hard work, resilience, perseverance. Never give up. Have faith and hope. (perseverance)




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