Attract Love, Light & Energy With Crystal Infused Elixirs

Here’s How To Create a Crystal Infused Elixir To Attract Love, Light & Healing Energy


It Starts With The Power of Fragrance

Throughout time, scent has played an important role in life, love and happiness.  Scents and incense were prominently used for health, healing, and well-being by ancient cultures. The ancient Egyptians thought that essential oils were the “scents of the Gods” and believed scent was tired directly to one’s soul. That’s why Egyptian tombs have been found to be loaded with ancient essential oils and fragrance – they were believed to help one spiritually.

Well documented as powerful aphrodisiacs, a modern cosmetic company even recently tried to re-create the mysterious love potion fragrance of Pharoah Queen Hatshepsut! Today, ask any of the world’s most beautiful, desirable or successful woman what fragrance she is wearing, and she will quickly tell you all about her signature scent. She will identify key moments in her life by what fragrance she was wearing at the time, and she’ll remember the way it made her feel in that place and time. Fragrance becomes a part of woman’s life.

Add Crystals. They Are A Catalyst For Tapping Into Universal Source Energy


I can only tell you from my own experience, what you’ve heard about crystals is true. Crystals do work. There have been so many books written and so much to explore on the internet about crystals. But to cut to the chase…Here’s the truth – Crystals are powerful energy transmitters that are attuned to Universal Source energy. Crystals have purpose and they can help us.

What happens when you combine the power of all-natural essential oils and fragrance with the magic of crystals?

In a way, it’s very much like a magic potion, and here’s why. Crystals quite simply, work with us to attract love, light and healing energy into our lives. Fragrance does more than just effect our sense of smell.  Fragrance actually connects all of our senses and therefore it has the power to bring us closer to our authentic self.  When we’re our most authentic self, we are more aligned with Universal Source energy and that’s when we have the best opportunity to bring forward what we want in our life.

A Crystal Infused Elixir is the perfect conduit  to turn up the volume on the field of potentiality in order to manifest your desires. Like having the ability to mix up some good magic, this crystal infused elixir can help you bring your dreams, your desires and your intentions to fruition.

(Important note:  the Crystal Infused Elixir featured here is intended to be worn on the skin; not intended to be ingested)

Working With Crystals To Attract What You Want In Your Life

Below is a list of my favorites, the top crystals for attracting positive energy and their very specific attributes. These crystals are excellent for the purpose of activating your positive intentions, especially when mixed as your very own potent Crystal Infused Elixir.

One quick note to please keep in mind….when working with the power of this beautiful Universe and some of its divine elements such as crystal energy, it is important to always keep the intention and overall focus on faith, goodness and above all, love.

I’ve have found this to be true. It’s only then that the positive energy and magic contained within crystals match the frequency of Universal love and truth, which then in turn unlocks the Power of Intention and your dreams and desires manifest as your reality.

 Top 10 Crystals For Infusing Light, Love and Healing Energy In Your Life



Amethyst.  This beautiful purple crystal is an extremely potent protector and a natural tranquilizer. Vibrating at a high spiritual level, amethyst quickly brings serenity and peace and helps to banish fear, anxiety and anger. Traditionally, amethyst is worn to increase willpower. It  helps one overcome addictions, excessive consumption of alcohol and aids in maintaining an overall healthier lifestyle. Amethyst naturally enhances inner peace, brings one closer to the divine, and strengthens intuition and psychic abilities.

Add Amethyst For: 

  • Peace.
  • Serenity.
  • Spiritual wisdom.
  • Willpower and the ability to overcome excessive behaviors.
  • Overcoming anxiety and stress.

Aventurine.  The name “aventurine” is derived from Latin and means “by chance”. For centuries, it has been known as the gambler’s talisman and today it is often sold as “the” abundance stone. Aventurine aids one in overcoming lack mentality, or in other words, it banishes that terrible feeling of not ever being satisfied with what one has. Aventurine has a profound positive effect on building self-confidence and aids in the ability to create business opportunities. Lastly, aventurine amplifies one’s ability to learn faster and process information more accurately.

Add Aventurine For:

  • Good luck.
  • Great fortune.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Increased mental clarity.
  • Self-confidence.

Carnelian. Carnelian is yet another highly protective crystal with the added benefit as a power energizer. It is the stone of transformation and regeneration. Acting as your own personal GPS; it has the power to assist you with difficult life decisions, finding your life direction or keeping you focused and on the right track. Carnelian transforms scattered thoughts and lack of motivation into clear focus, boundless energy and intense drive. It is the stone best symbolizing strength and empowerment.

Add Carnelian For:

  • Clarity.
  • Focus.
  • Motivation.
  • Feeling Empowered.
  • Goal achievement.
  • Physical energy and stamina



Citrine.  Citrine is known as “the merchant stone” and is associated with all things bright, shiny and good! Citrine could win the award for Overall Crystal Popularity because it truly is the “IT” crystal of all time for abundance, success, prosperity and joy. Besides its long association with attracting material wealth, it has other great qualities too.  This lovely yellow-gold stone will instantly help one feel more optimistic, see the bright side of things and stimulate an overall winning attitude.  Citrine is a natural amplifier and it works to turn up the volume on your natural talents and creativity. It stimulates motivation, increases stamina and helps you get moving and get things done!

Add Citrine For:

  • Abundance & Prosperity.
  • Material Wealth.
  • Success.
  • Joy, Laughter and Optimism.
  • A better, more Positive (winning) Attitude.

Clear Quartz. Known as the most abundant crystal on the planet, quartz is prized for its profound ability to amplify energy. It attracts and connects to positive energy and transmutes all negativity. It is the stone of manifestation and works to transform your intentions into reality. Quartz works with all other crystals to amplify their specific effect.  

Add Clear Quartz For:

  • Speeding up the overall process of manifesting your intentions or dreams.
  • To attract your desires, intentions and goals faster.
  • Figuring out what it is that you want.

Garnet.  Garnet is all about assisting the energy within relationships. It has the ability to read the situation and then delivers the appropriate solution. For instance, if more passion is needed, garnet turns up the volume. If things are getting too heated, too emotional, garnet brings serenity and calmness to the forefront. Garnet is a relationship stimulator that activates peace and harmony in romantic, platonic and business relationships. Garnet eases communication and aids in turning negative situations into positive outcomes.

Add Garnet For

  • Stronger relationships.
  • Attracting love.
  • Being understood.
  • Finding the right words at the right time.
  • Enhance overall communication.



Moonstone. Moonstone is closely associated with the ebb and flow of life. Like the moon, this crystal is tied to waxing and waning and the flow of give and take occurring in all of nature. Moonstone supports new beginnings and assists with the process of letting go of old ways, burdens and baggage. It vibrates at a high feminine energy frequency and attunes to beauty, creativity, sexual magnetism and unconditional love. It is also known as the stone of dreamers, writers and poets.

Add Moonstone For

  • Attracting Admirers.
  • Romance & Passion.
  • Turning dreams into reality.
  • Letting go of the past.
  • Moving forward in the direction of your dreams.
  • Bringing out your own natural beauty.

Peridot.  Prized for its extremely strong protective powers, peridot was often worn in ancient rituals and ceremonies, including Hebrew High Priests. Peridot is known to be a facilitator of change, and it will help to release negative thought patterns and toxic habits. It helps one leave behind old ways or break bad habits. By helping one to clarify and strengthen inner resources, peridot is also associated with obtaining financial success.

Add Peridot For:

  • Accepting Change.
  • Moving Forward.
  • Releasing Bad Habits.
  • Getting “Unstuck”.
  • Attracting the Right Opportunities & People.
  • Financial success.



Rose Quartz.  This highly charged feminine energy is a mesmerizing soft pink powerhouse. Rose Quartz is synonymous with deep compassion, unconditional love and peace. Always reassuring and calming, rose quartz is the crystal of true self-love, forgiveness and understanding. It is the perfect crystal to connect with in times of trauma or crisis. Rose quartz is prized for its ability to attract highly charged romantic love and can bring back excitement and sexual energy to existing relationships that are seemingly fizzling out. Emotionally, rose quartz works to draw in positive loving energy while transmuting negative actions or people. Highly receptive, rose quartz enjoys bringing ones desires and intentions to fruition.

Add Rose Quartz For:

  • Attracting Unconditional Love.
  • Finding your Soulmate or Twin Flame.
  • Increasing Empathy and Understanding.
  • Finding Forgiveness.
  • Strengthening an existing relationship.
  • Over-coming a life crisis or trauma.

Tiger’s Eye.  Long associated with protection, Tiger’s Eye was often worn as an amulet by Roman soldiers. Today, Tiger’s Eye is known for its strong grounding ability. Tiger’s Eye likes to keep you safe and out of harm’s way. It is a sensible, reliable warrior stone and as a result, it’s on your side and will work to assure that you are making the right life moves…ideally with both feet planted firmly on the ground. It will assist you in recognizing the difference between wishful thinking, attainable opportunities, and the right course of action for getting your life moving from point A to B. Tiger’s Eye is also a powerful amplifier of intuition, and it also has the ability to transmute your negative emotional tendencies.

Add Tiger’s Eye For:

  • Protection & Safety.
  • Finding the Perfect Job.
  • Developing Stronger Intuition.
  • Empowerment.
  • Controlling Emotional Outbursts.
  • Clearing Blockages Of Any Kind.

Turquoise. Sacred stone of the Egyptian Goddess Hathor, turquoise has long been established as the vibrant stone of life, love and harmony. Believed by the Egyptians to be a gateway stone between earth and sky, turquoise symbolizes the balance of yin and yang, masculine and feminine energy. This is a stone that vibrates self-love and enhances self-confidence. Turquoise works to quickly banish self- doubt and will fight off any self-sabotaging behavior. It has the ability to restore peace and harmony and create calm out of chaos.  It is also a wonderful stone for increasing creativity, flow and authentic expression. Because of its strong natural connection to attracting balanced yin and yang energy, it is also a stone to wear to attract your energy to your own soulmate or twin flame.

Add Turquoise For:

  • Peace.
  • Balance & Harmony.
  • Self-love.
  • Creativity & Flow.
  • Connecting To  Your Soulmate or Twin Flame.




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