Girls Guide to the Magic of Crystals, Gems and Stones

crystals-gems-stonesMaybe you’re an avid new age type of girl who totally gets that crystals, gems and stones are energy transmitters. Or maybe you’re a stylish trendsetter with no interest in that kind of crystal magic stuff.

Either way, and sometimes in between, we know that throughout history, we girls have been attracted to glittery, shiny, pretty crystals, gems and stones.

Did You Know That Crystals, Gems and Stones Can Work Like Magic?

Ever wonder what exactly is the magic of crystals? Crystals gems and stones have a unique, stable structure which allow electromagnetic energies to flow through them. As too examples, that’s why silicon is used in computer chips and quartz is used for watches, clocks, radios. The amazing scientific fact about crystals is that they are able to attract certain energies, as well as transmit or send out energy as well.

Whether you’re studying the art of crystal healing, or just wearing crystals, gems or stones as jewelry, it’s likely that you have your distinct favorites too. I believe it’s actually not a coincidence that we’re often attracted to certain type of crystals, gems and stones that represent help and guidance for what we need in our lives, exactly when we need it.

Think about it. There are certain pieces of jewelry that you own that are not only beautiful, but often change the way you feel when you wear them.  And on the flip side, are there certain stones, gems, crystals that you just don’t like, don’t own, don’t plan to buy or wear…ever.

Start By Bringing Crystals In To Your Life

Besides having a love of wearing crystals, gems and stones as jewelry…I collect and work with crystals. They are decoratively displayed around my home. There’s even a lovely rather large collection of favorites that reside on my bedside table. They go to work with me, travel with me and in general…they’re a part of my everyday life. I’m a little beyond the aforementioned “attracted to jewelry trendsetter” type of crystal lover, but I’m not at all a full fledged new age crystal guru either. Maybe like you, I’m somewhere in between.

Here below are my top “crystal loves” as well as a few that just don’t do it for me and why. Keep in mind my theory that crystals we are attracted to are naturally tuned in to attributes that we are lacking, working to overcome or in need of….so we are drawn to them. When I wear or work with the crystals, gems or stones listed below, I feel their natural, positive effects almost immediately.

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crystals=gems=stonesTurquoise. I love, love, love turquoise and always have. I’m attracted to more of the blue-green variant. Turquoise is one of the most powerful healing stones and it is known for a variety of attributes. It helps transmit and attract peace and a sense of well-being. Turquoise dispels negativity and bad moods. It has the ability to dissolve self-sabotage and build confidence. It’s a great stone for anyone who suffers from anxiety or panic attacks.










crystals-gems-stonesAquamarine.  Another love of mine, aquamarine! Aquamarine was the center stone in my first engagement ring, before my husband surprised me years later by upgrading it to a diamond. Aquamarine is the stone of courage. (& in my early years of marriage,career launching and having babies…I definitely needed some courage) It helps to calm a racing mind and reduces stress. Legend from ancient times is that aquamarine protects against dark forces and attracts positive, goodness of all types. Sailors carried aquamarine as a protective tailsman. It’s also a great stone to wear while conducting business. It enhances focus, clarity, self-expression, communication.





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Smoky Quartz.  I have a beautiful natural smoky quartz wire wrapped necklace, created by my favorite jewelry designer, Veronica Rose Jewelry  (go visit her site at for one of kind, infused with light, crystal jewelry). Whenever I wear my Smoky Quartz piece, I feel secure, calm, grounded, confident.  Smoky Quartz is known as a grounding, anchoring, protective stone and I feel all of it’s positive effects. It’s the perfect antidote to fight off stress and it has the ability to block negativity from others. It relieves fears, lifts depression and calms nerves.


My Selenite Necklace from designer Veronica Rose


Selenite.  Selenite is often referred to as “the angel crystal”.  It has a unique ethereal quality that brings deep peace through a connection to spiritual consciousness. It’s quiet vibration is said to inhibit the place between light and matter. Selenite is known to aid in bringing peace of mind, clarity and enhanced judgment. It opens us up to see the bigger picture. Because of it’s angelic peaceful quality, I like to wear selenite quite often. That’s probably because I’m drawn to wear it when I feel I need protection and added security. As a result, selenite works wonders for me when I’m anxious, particularly over making a big presentation or for tough meeting days.







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crystals-gems-stonesChrysoprase. There are two color themes that seem to dominate the crystals, gems and stones I’m most attracted to:  clear, white or quartz…or soft blue/greens. Chrysoprase is a beautiful green. I’m particularly drawn to the minty or apple green shades. Chrysoprase is the stone that will help you strengthening insights. It has the ability to amplify your talents, while promoting creativity, truth and cooperation for all the people in contact with you and the stone. I love to wear Chrysoprase to work because it stimulates harmony and creativity when working with teams or groups. It brings out the best in me and everyone around me!


So You May Be Wondering If There Are Any Crystals To Avoid? Yes. Some Are “Negative” Transmitters.

Here’s A Few Crystals, Gems and Stones That I’m Just Not That Into. You May Want To Steer Clear Of These As Well.

Here’s my short list of a few that just don’t do it for me, and why. Not to say that your experience may be totally different. Remember, the crystals, gems and stones are bringing us what we need or are attracted to at the moment. So as a result, the following few are just not on my current wave length, so to speak.

crystals-gems-stonesRutilated Quartz.  It really only gets a bad rap from me because of a beautiful Rutilated Quartz necklace that I purchased on impulse at Barney’s. Every time I’ve worn this necklace, my energy is off the charts, in a bad way. I’m jittery, nervous, anxious, edgy, uncomfortable…you name it. Worse, it seems to have that effect on others I’m around as well. On several occasions, big important meetings turned into near disasters. Other times, my cool, smart boss flipped out and morphed into Madame Nasty. It’s brought arguments on date nights and fights with teenage kids. I’ve cleansed, programmed and reprogrammed it. Doesn’t help. Rutilated Quartz is a potent transmitter and is known to heighten energetic impulses. And, it’s also supposed to draw away any negative energy that you might have. Yet for me, my Rutilated Quartz seems to attract negativity instead.


Almost Always A Good Idea With Crystals:  Learn To Listen To Their Signals. Sometimes What You’re Not Attracted To Has Meaning Too

Tiger’s Eye. I don’t have any personal story on Tiger’s Eye the way I do on Rutilated Quartz. I can just say that I am not very attracted to it, and the few pieces that I do have in my collection, seem flat without much energy. Tiger’s Eye is a protective stone and is said to aid in grounding and in making commitments.

Onyx. Onyx is known to provide support in difficult situations and aids to relieve stress. Yet for me, I just don’t feel much energy from the my pieces of onyx, nor do I feel compelled to wear it much.


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