Use Law of Attraction: Experience What You Create



Long before the Law of Attraction become sensationalized by the mega bestselling book The Secret, spiritual masters of the ages along with scientists shared with us this universal truth:  our thoughts become things. Whether the Law of Attraction is considered science, pseudoscience, or just a new age theory, millions of people have experienced amazing results by tapping into this source energy. I”m one of those people.

Wayne Dyer has written numerous bestselling books on spirituality and personal development. He wrote one of my all time favorite books, The Power of Intention. This book is packed with profound insights and explains exactly how to co-create the world in which you live in. Wayne Dyer explains how everything is interconnected and part of a force in the universe.

With that said, below are three keys to to empowering positive universal energy.

Unlock the Law of Attraction with the Power of Intention

  •  Know that thoughts or intentions act as magnetic energy. Through what we are thinking, what we desire and most importantly how we currently view ourselves and our circumstances. We pull things, people, and events  toward us.  The Law of Attraction simply states that like attracts like.  A doable positive action that can give great results is to quietly contemplate positive intentions daily.  It is best to visualize or think of these intentions in the present tense, as if they have already come to be.


  • I amA tip to create a positive intention is to use the words,  “I AM” …. and then fill in the blank with a positive affirmation.  For instance,  it might sound like…”today I AM at peace with where I am right now… or I AM doing great at work, I AM happy that my presentation was well received.”  


  • It is also helpful to use the word intention along with a universal time frame. For instance, say, “I intend to have no more debt and I know that this intention is flowing towards me now.” 


  • Thoughts and intentions are activated by emotion. In order to speed up the positive effect of this universal law and to see the effects of “experiencing what you create”, raise the frequency by continuously feeling positive emotions wrapped around positive intentions.  This is by far not always the easiest to do for any of us during rough times, but as Wayne Dyer once said, “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”  Charging our thoughts with positive emotions and staying as optimistic as possible is important. 

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  •  Gratitude is a powerful, universal key for experiencing what you create.  Giving thanks everyday for even the smallest blessings in our lives helps over all well-being and fuels mind, body and spirit. Keeping an on-going personal gratitude journal and jotting a few quick entries at the start and end of each day has a cumulative effect on health, positive energy and fulfillment. 

Whether believer or skeptic in the overall benefits of “experiencing what you create” or not, science has proven that living in a state of positive thoughts, positive emotions and connecting with a sense of spiritual balance and gratitude can help improve health and well-being.

Life is indeed about creating yourself…..may your creations include many positive circumstances whirling towards you now and always.  xo


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