A Karmic Relationship: How To Let Go

karmic_relationship“I felt as if I knew him before.”

“No matter how wrong it feels or how bad things are, I keep going back.”

I can’t seem to get him out of my mind.”

Do any of those statements resonate with you?  If so, you may indeed be experiencing a karmic relationship.

Feeling The Pull Of A Karmic Relationship

Like a moth to a flame, we are often drawn into a karmic relationship because it feels deep, powerful and utterly consuming. Many people confuse this deep pull with finding their soulmate, but a karmic relationship is often quite the opposite.

Experiencingkarmic relationship can often be described as being in a relationship from hell. Here’s how to recognize one and ways to break those karmic chains!

 How To Know If You are In a Negative Karmic Relationship

If you often feel a combination of being victimized, dis-empowered, manipulated, lied to, zapped of all your energy or you feel abused in any way…physically, mentally or emotionally, but are having difficulty leaving the relationship, you may need to seek help to break the cycle and get out of what feels like a relationship from hell.

Karmic relationships are often repetitive, which means the same themes and behavioral  patterns reoccur over and over again. Being in a karmic relationship feels like being in the classic movie, Ground Hog Day. The same thing happens over and over again.

The classic karmic relationship seems intense, yet off balance. The relationship seems to swing from one extreme to the other. It feels off or  wrong, but for some reason (karmic), we stay. It’s often awfully hard to break the cycle and sometimes our vision becomes so distorted and our confidence so low, that we just can’t seem to find our own way out.

The residing “theme” of the classic, negative karmic relationship often has to do with someone’s power trip. Somebody wants all the power. When you’re on the short end of that power trip, it often feels like your living with some sort of a vampire, who literally is sucking all the life out of you. You may or may not have identified that you are in a negative karmic relationship.

Here’s the main telltale signs…

Signs You’re In A Negative Karmic Relationship

  • Intensity.  The relationship seemed to start with an alluring, deep…what seemed like an almost chemical, magical magnetism. You just couldn’t get enough of each other. When the relationship first started…you thought that sicky, longing for constantly feeling was a good thing. (You know the quote, “we were drawn to each other like a moth to a flame?” That person must have been in the budding stages of a karmic relationship.)
  • Negativity and Confusion.  Soon on, a new pattern emerges. Lots of arguing, and often over small, trivial unimportant things. It seems very confusing on how something that started out so right is all of the sudden, turning so dark, so fast.
  • Obsession and Jealousy.  There’s a fair amount of obsessive attachment and irrational jealousy going on.
  • Control.  Controlling and dominant behavior happens often. Disapproval of your friends or family. Wants you to disassociate from them, or worse, insists that you not see them.
  • Repeating Cycles.  The vicious cycle of fighting and controlling, obsessive behavior often crescendos with an emotional, seemingly sincere, heartfelt apology …and always, a promise of change.
  • Strong Feeling That It Isn’t Right.  Your gut and all your instincts tell you this is not healthy, that you need to end this relationship…but you just can’t seem to leave.

It’s safe to say that many of us have experienced some form of this in our adult lives.  If you are there now, one of the most important things to remember is that you have the power of choice…the power to decide to stay or leave.

Ways To Break A Negative Karmic Relationship

In order to break away from a relationship that is no longer serving your higher good, it’s important to step back, become self aware and analyze your choices.

Where you stand in your relationship today is a direct result of your past choices and decisions. By accepting accountability for your past decisions and perhaps mistakes, you are also empowered by the fact that the choices you make today build your future.

Ask yourself: Is this relationship and the choices I am making moving me closer to what I truly want in my life or pushing me further away from it?

If you’re unhappy and fearful that you might be in a negative karmic relationship, it may be time to open up and embrace change.

Here are some suggestions on how to overcome the fear of change in order to move your life forward.

  • Find Support.  Confide in a trusted friend or family member. Remember, you are not alone. People care about you!
  • Get Help.  Reach out to get the support you need from people who care about you and seek professional help too.
  • Be Assertive. Stay active. Make plans. Set goals. Be social. Do the things you love to do. Don’t shut down! Live. Love. Laugh!
  • Believe In Yourself.  Know that whatever you decide, you have an entirely beautiful life ahead of you! If you choose to leave a negative karmic relationship, get support wrapped around you if needed.

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