Keys To Unlock Your Best Life Ever


Imagine if right now, you found the keys to live your best life ever. 

“The brave did not slay dragons. The brave rode them.” 

Let’s be honest. Dragon riding is really, really hard.  And so is riding through life. It’s not an easy process at all to build and activate a life plan that works. It takes courage, time and effort  to define what matters most to YOU and to then step up to actively design the life you want.

Rather than being simply a spectator or drifting from one major life event to the next, it’s possible to live with purpose and to be in command of your desired outcomes. 

“I am the captain of my fate. I am the master of my soul.”  

~William Ernest Henley

Keys To Unlock Your Best Life:  What I Have Come To Know

The most important thing to tell you about me and what I know for sure is this:  I am a spiritual being having a human experience, just like you.  And just like you, my story is unique. I’m happy to tell you that I live an amazingly beautiful, abundant life filled with everything I can possibly imagine (or have imagined.).

I’m co-creating my life right now, even as I write this. I’m aware that life is a creative work in progress.  I am a work in progress. I am in awe and in gratitude to God, to the Universe, for every day and every glorious detail of my life.


Creating Opportunities in Your Life

Although I did face many obstacles and hardships along the way, the right doors opened and continued to open, and the right people came and went in my life.  I often found myself being at the right place at just the right time.  Serendipity and synchronicity are my good friends.

I believe I co-created opportunity and experiences. Some of those experiences could even be defined as highly unlikely or even improbable.

We must stay open to the notion of possibility, to know that anything and everything can happen at any moment. It’s that ultimate,creative, co-creator God that surprises us with things we can’t even imagine. That’s what I’ve come to completely understand as the big ah-ha on how life works. The secret of life is that there are no real secrets.

Focus On What Matters Most

Far greater is what I have come to understand as what matters most… living a life with a rich spiritual connection, to feel joy, love, peace…and to live with ongoing abundance, resilience and gratitude.

I’ve moved from one chapter to the next in my life, but with each chapter I am always creating magic with beauty.

Today, my passion, my work and my life all intertwine beautifully. I give back that which has been given to me and I provide people with resources, tools and knowledge to create their best life.

My hope is that by sharing on the pages of this blog the details of what I have come to understand, it might help you build upon your own dreams so that you too can live your best life.


6 Power Keys To Unlock Your Best Life 

Here are the keys for creating the life you want.  Note that they all work in perfect harmony, together.

Place your energy and your positive intention on working harmoniously with these 11 Universal Truths and you will see your life change.

  • GOD.  The most important thing in life to know…We are all CONNECTED to an awe inspiring, high frequency, loving energy source known in some circles as God.
  • CONNECTED UNIVERSE. We are ALL intricately connected to each other, like a thread of life, the same thread, running through each of us.
  • SPIRIT.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
  • TIME.  The essential spiritual practice is to LIVE IN THE NOW. Guilt which is tied to the past, worry which is tied to the future are of no service to us
  • LAW OF CREATION.  We are CO-CREATING our every experience.
  • LAW OF ATTRACTION.  It is true, our thoughts become things, we become what we believe, and whatever we concentrate on expands. The mind is such powerful thing!  (Change your thoughts, and you can change your life)

Keys Within You To Unlock Your Best Life

  • FREE WILL.  We have free will and we make our own choices. That means we’re responsible for our own actions or lack thereof. Actions have consequences, good and bad.
  • EMOTIONAL MATTERS.  We are driven by emotion. The two most prominent emotions in the universe are LOVE and FEAR. They are on opposite sides of the spectrum, like black versus white, good versus bad. Choose LOVE. (Emotional energy is a necessary part of activating the Law of Attraction)
  • LAW OF EXPANSION.  Gratitude is a key to life.  Whatever we focus on expands, whatever we are grateful for, we’ll experience more of it. Make gratitude a way of life and it will change your world.
  • SURRENDER. The ability to let go and surrender is key to life and our spiritual well-being. It is also a fundamental part of co-creating. When we let it go, turn it over to God, the universal energy turns up the volume on making whatever “it” is your reality.
  • POSSIBILITY.  Miracles happen, every day. Hope, possibility and the fact that each day we begin again with a new chance are all vital to fuel the human spirit.




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