Mercury Retrograde: What It Means


Uh-Oh -Mercury is Retrograde today through June 11!

There’s actually good news with this particular one.

Under a normal Mercury Retrograde phase, you have probably heard that it can wreak havoc on just about everything. The typical advice during a Mercury Retrograde phase is to avoid signing contracts and avoid travel plans. Electrical appliances break and computer/internet problems occur. Mercury Retrograde is associated with difficulties in communication. It’s normal to “misspeak” during a Mercury Retro phase and unfortunately, the chances of a complete communication breakdown are heightened.

Okay, so that’s all the bad news under normal Mercury Retrograde circumstances.

This particular Mercury Retrograde is different. The positive news is that this particular Retro falls in Gemini, an Air sign. This“Air” influence actually overrides a lot of the normal Mercury Retrograde issues and changes the overall Retro effect.

What To Expect With Mercury Retrograde In Gemini, May 2015

These next few weeks become the perfect time to change perspective, to open up to see things differently; and to suddenly find your “Ah-Hah” moment. It’s a great time to develop a new understanding and a chance to start over and clear up misunderstandings.

Like all Mercury Retrograde periods though, expect things to really slow down. This particular Retro is in Gemini, an Air sign, not the emotionally triggered Water signs like our last few bouts with Mercury. That means that now is the perfect time to step back,”think” and analyze the areas of your life where you need clarity.

By June 11, expect to find answers and decisions on what to take forward with you and what to leave behind. By mid-June, you’ll be moving forward overall.

Advice for this particular Retro?  Pay particular attention to signs, signals & synchronicity during the next few weeks. Mercury Retro in Gemini can lead you to new opportunities, fresh beginnings, discovery of truths and perhaps help you solve some unsolved mysteries in your life.


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