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What if I told you there was a way to banish self doubt and fear and step in to your own power and greatness, once and for all? Well, in order to accomplish that tall order, you might want to explore becoming a true badass. One quick way to becoming a badass so that you can live a truly awesome life is by creating some highly potent badass affirmations that really will work.

You Are a Badass, the book:

The process is all neatly outlined in a great new book. (you know that bright yellow paperback BADASS book you keep seeing everywhere from Barnes and Noble to Target and everywhere else in between? You probably keep seeing it and so did I -So much that it felt like the book was calling to me. Well, I finally broke down and bought it and it’s really filled with very good, sage advice!) 

A New York Times Bestseller, the book is called YOU are a Badass:  How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life , by Jen Sincero. I think you’ll find it an easy read with some meaningful substance too. It’s well written, practical advice, original, inspiring, helpful and fun. I think you’ll find it might be the perfect end of summer, focus on your life goals, self-help book.

For anyone who is stuck in a rut or desiring to take their life up a notch, I highly recommend reading it and taking part in it’s very doable and fun exercises.

This stuff works!

One of the exercises in the book is a “how to” on replacing negative self doubt and bad behaviors in order to move toward living the life that you want. In other words, it’s an exact formula on how to get over your own BS. This involves looking closely at all the negative self-chatter and false stories that we often tell ourselves about our selves and then replacing those false beliefs with positive powerful new stories. The new stories, or beliefs become strong badass affirmations, which in turn can become the secret of aligning to the life you want to live.

Speak Your Truth!

When you repeat your new stories or affirmations over and over and over, it becomes your truth. It will take awhile, but trust that it will work for you and it will.

I won’t bore you with all the negative things that I wrote down as my list of self-sabotaging shortfalls. But below, you can find my list of how I turned them around into my Badass Affirmations.

After I went through the process of writing out my new affirmations, it occurred to me the fact that we are ALL more alike than we are different. My badass affirmations may then very well work for you too. I hope so.

One more quick point. In reading the below affirmations and in getting them to work for you, please note that I truly believe in the goodness and magic of the Universe. (my use of the word Universe may be interchanged with God, Goddess or whatever your belief system might be)

My Badass Affirmations

(not in order of importance) 🙂

I take risks and I grow and learn no matter what the outcome.  When I look back at my life, I realize I have always possessed fortitude to get through difficult situations. No matter what happens, I know I am loved. If I fail at something, I will still be loved. Whenever I am creating or taking a risk, the Universe will send me courage. There’s nothing that I cannot do. I have always believed in miracles and magic. When I choose to take a risk, I can tap into the energy where magic and miracles are the norm.


I am open to new people and new experiences entering my life. I experience great joy in nurturing relationships, old and new. As an agent of the Universe, I am here to inspire and be inspired. I’m a great wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher and leader. As I step forward and allow the Universe to send me new and interesting people into my life, incredible new opportunities will arrive as well. People entering are the secret to more doors opening and creating opportunities in life. In addition, as I put more energy into nourishing existing relationships along with finding magic in acquaintances and even strangers…the Universe will reciprocate and nourish me as well.


There is nothing that I cannot achieve or do. I believe the Universe is an ever expanding, creative and beautiful energy field. When I tap into that which is…there is boundless positive energy and everything naturally falls into place. Synchronicities happen easily when I am aligned with the Universe. Through positive energy, efforts are naturally rewarded. I will create and be successful and feel fulfilled.


I do outrageously courageous things. When I stay aligned with high frequency behaviors, I am powerful and invincible.


I have the power to change any of my negative behaviors and habits at any time. When I’m aligned to positive energy, my relationships feel better, I have courage to face adversarial situations and people and I do not feel like I need to retreat. I choose to step forward and change whatever it is that I want at this moment.


My life is balanced and filled with a mixture of nourishing people, places and things. I am balanced. Refreshed. Energized. I enjoy meditating and spending time alone, but I equally enjoy getting out in to the world and experiencing stimulating people and fun activities.


The Universe is sending negative people and situations out of my life that no longer serve the greater good. Room will now be made to accept new, positive people into my life and they will equate to new opportunities, experiences and growth.


I am incredibly smart and I have heightened intuition. I know that when I am aligned with Universal energy, it’s amazing how fast I can learn, grow and adapt. There is an endless supply of information always available to me and I comprehend whatever it is that I need to know. My mind is constantly creating whatever it is that I desire. To be at my best, I am always growing, always learning.


(We Will End Up Attracting What We Believe In Order To Validate Our Own Stories- Good Reason To Think Positive!)

I cannot be judged or labeled unless I allow it. Words and thoughts have power. I know that what others think of me is none of my business. To that point, I will not attract anymore people or situations that validate my previous false beliefs about myself. I know that my thoughts are powerful. My thoughts create my own experiences and I must therefore affirm all good intentions toward myself. I choose to banish negative thought chatter from my life. There will be no room for self validating negativity.


Whatever I choose to perceive is my reality.


I am blessed with incredible relationships. From this day going forward, my intent is to shower the people I love with love. I trust the Universe will reciprocate in its own way and time.


I am free of anxiety, worry and fear. From this day, the Universe will release my previous false belief of having anxiety or fears. I feel calm and have mental clarity, strength and peace.


I can be great in my own right, successful, fulfilled and have a fabulous marriage too.  From this day, let there be no fear of abandonment on either side. Let us build each other up. I love my husband and I am happy when he is feeling loved and secure. I trust he wants the best for me. When I participate in raising the frequency of our relationship, there is a reciprocal action. My marriage will now be strengthened with love, kindness, empathy, understanding and compassion.

I live in the present moment, strengthened by my own integrity and right minded actions. Letting go of the past and forgiving my own shortcomings as well as those of others is easier when I stay in synch with the Universe.


I am empowered with new healthier habits, creating a positive lifestyle filled with vitality, love, beauty, abundance and centered on strong relationships. Doors are opening and opportunities are endless. I’m incredibly happy and have all that I need – I am surrounded by magic and beauty in my life.




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