Pinterest Dream Home Manifested

A Pinterest dream home can be manifested!  It’s possible to manifest a Pinterest dream home by blending technology with a creative visualization method known to speed up the actualization process. Here’s how it can work for you….

pinterest-dream-home-manifestedAh Pinterest, my latest love… just like a needy lover, you do take up so much of my precious time.

I admit, I could very easily become one of those crazy pinners that becomes obsessed. Time does seem to fly by while I’m happily pinning away. My closest friends, who are mainly A-type successful business women, do not get it. Neither does my husband. I’ve been subjected to snide Pinterest anti-like comments such as…”What a waste of time!”, “Don’t you have anything better to do?”…and my least favorite which has something to do with a comparison to bored housewives staring at pictures of food all day.  Those that know me know that’s NOT me. Moreover, these are NOT at all fair or accurate comments of how or why I enjoy Pinterest….and I am sure millions of other Pinterest fans would agree.

Use Online Vision Boards for Creative Visualization

Long before Pinterest, I made (and make) my own Vision Boards filled with everything that inspires me…. my desires, my dreams, my goals. In fact right now as I am typing this, I am looking at not one but two of  my boards that are propped up on my large French antique desk. They are covered with magazine cutouts of motivational words like “Eschew a career for a life“, and my inspirational body…(ok, so Gwyneth’s bod might just be a bit of stretch for me) and lots of pictures of interior decor, rooms that I love, and various things that I love.  In fact, I believe that the passion and habit of creating vision boards for years now has lead to some pretty amazing things materializing in my life.

For me, Pinterest is just like a major online Vision Board coming to fruition. All the better that the positive energy circulating with the countless affirmation or repins seems to be speeding up the actualization process all around me and can for you too!

Pinterest Dream Home Manifested

Here’s a peek at a few favorite pins in my Dream Home Decor Manifested board on Pinterest.  For me its about living with beauty, creating beauty…manifesting beauty.  Coincidentally (?), as we have recently embarked in some rather major home renovations, rooms are beginning to look very much like the Pinterest pins….hmmmmm.



Living Room Inspiration

This authentic country french living room is “the” inspiration photo for my current coastal home living room renovation. In love with the beams, limestone fireplace & the overall decor. via Country French Magazine




Family Room Inspiration

Gorgeous tufted sectional, wall filled with prints and eclectic lighting = soft glamorous space. Via



Master Bedroom Inspiration 

luxurious master bedroom retreat in soft shades of taupe, blue and bright white. timeless. Via



 Kitchen Inspiration

beautiful kitchen, full of character. love the dark beams, limestone floor, huge black stained island, large pendant lights and marble counter tops.  Via

If you’d like to see the entire Dream Home Decor Manifested board, please click here to find/follow Stella Tesori on Pinterest.



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