How To Create A Treasure Map: A Vision Board That Works!


Vision Boards work!  Treasure Map making using a Vision Board is a lost art which neatly ties together cosmic ordering, co-creating within the universe and creative visualization. Creating your own treasure map (aka Vision Board) is a simple exercise that anyone can do in order to manifest whatever it is that you wish to appear in the material world.

Creating your own treasure map or vision board is not only a fun creative outlet, but it also is a great way for you to focus your intentions on exactly what you’re looking for in life. To make your own, spend some quality time looking at magazines and images on Pinterest to find images and words that really resonate within you.  Be specific and search for pictures that illustrate exactly what you want.

Vision Board Treasure Map Making Tools Needed:

  • A large piece of cardboard OR cork board (found at Office Depot or Staples) OR a bulletin board
  • Glue Stick
  • Push Pins (if you’re using the cork or bulletin board approach)
  • A happy picture of yourself. (your favorite selfie!)
  • Pictures, Images, Words, Photographs that you’ve gathered to represent your desires, dreams
  • Small Crystals

See The Life You Want Today.

Start by drawing a large circle which will become the outline of your vision board. Next, divide the circle into quandrants of your life, representing what matters most to you!  Your treasure map can be a “full circle” impression of your life, if you’d like. Full Circle means that your treasure map/vision board can include images beyond the  material “things” you desire, and can involve what you are looking for in specific quadrants of your life. Think about all the areas of your life….

What Matters Most To You?

  • Spirituality|Faith|Beliefs
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Spouse|Partner
  • Family
  • Love Life
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development
  • Career|Occupation
  • Friends
  • Hobbies
  •  Travel| Leisure
  • Contribution To The World
vision board

An Example of A Vision Board/Treasure Map broken into quadrants.

Your quadrants on your treasure map vision board might include some of the above or be completely different. There’s no right or wrong approach to creating your map.

Now that you’ve outlined your Vision Board with quadrants representing What Matters Most To You, it’s time to add some creative flair using the pictures, words and phrases that resonated with you, that you cut out of magazines. Start by adding the happy picture of yourself to the center of the board. Next, add your cut out  items to your vision board to help tell the story of your future life.

vision board

How To Use The Power of Intention (And Gratitude) When Creating Your Vision Board Treasure Map 

As you place your pictures onto your vision board, create an intention for each quadrant of your life. In addition, be grateful in advance! The universal Law of Expansion states that whatever we concentrate on, expands. When you are authentically grateful, the universe will send you more of whatever it is within your field of focus.

The trick is to keep your intention focused in the present tense, not in the future.

Here’s an example – as you place each image, say the following to yourself:  “This is my beautiful home.  I am so grateful that it is exactly what I want. ”  OR… “Here I am feeling accomplished in my new role at work. I am so  grateful for my new promotion and that money is now flowing in my life! I love what I do! This is exactly what I want. It is here now”

Add Crystals To Your Treasure Map

As a last step, adding crystals to your vision board treasure map will assist in your ability to manifest with cosmic ordering. Crystals will help diffuse any negative, subconscious energy. Any self-doubt, self-pity or fears that may be underneath your surface blocks the manifestation process. Lack of connection to the Universal energy source hampers the ability to bring things to fruition. Crystals transmute the negativity away from your treasure map and allow the Universe to do it’s thing on your behalf!

Select the appropriate crystals for your particular treasure map. Cleanse and program each crystal as appropriate*. Glue the crystals on to the corresponding area of your vision board treasure map.

Crystal Suggestions For Vision Board Treasure Maps:

treasure-mapTopaz.  Topaz has both a negative and positive charge at each end. Therefore, it takes in your request and then sends it out to the Universe, helping your desire to manifest faster.





treasure-mapGreen Calcite. Green Calcite is prized for its ability to help manifest material items related to home.






treasure-mapCitrine. Citrine helps free any restrictive, poverty consciousness. If you feel deep down that you don’t deserve what it is you desire, citrine is the perfect stone to help transmute those negative vibes and help move your treasure map into prosperity consciousness.




Keep Your Vision Board Treasure Map In A Special Place!

Once you have filled your vision board  treasure map with positive intentions, place it in an area of your home where you can view it from time to time. Do not obsess or even return to it often. Let it go and watch it all start to flow!  Once you’ve completed your treasure map, remember, as Paulo Coelho has said, “When you want something…all the universe is conspiring to help you achieve it!”

vision board

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