Use Intuition To Create The Life You Want



Steve Jobs called it more powerful than intellect. Malcolm Gladwell called it the power to think without thinking.

Indeed, intuition is like having your own internal GPS sending you signals directly from above. The power of intuition shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s been described as the voice of spirit moving directly through you.

I like to think of it this way. When we pray, we are sending a message directly UP, communicating directly to our Higher Power, or call it God, the Universe, whatever you term the magnificent Source energy. I think intuition works the opposite of prayer.  It is our  Higher Power sending a message DOWN to us. I think we are always in touch with our Higher Power through our sense of intuition.

To tap into the power of intuition, listen to your heart; it will not lead you astray.

When You Use Intuition, It Feels Like This:

    • A not so subtle, profound gut feeling that you are on the right track.
    • A pull…a strong pull…to take action, to move in a certain direction.
    • A time warp. Time seems to stand still when we are being guided by intuition.
    • Hesitation, anxiety or a feeling that something (or someone) is just not right.
    • Persistent thoughts on the topic that won’t seem to go away.
    • On-going curiosity. A desire to learn more about a situation, event or person.
    • Suspicion or fear. A nagging worrisome feeling that you aren’t being told the truth.


How To Use Intuition:  5 Ways To Tune In

  • Practice Meditation. Quiet your mind. Be still. Don’t try to listen to your own voice, but rather work to tune out all distractions and all mind clutter.
  • Keep a Dream Journal.  Or at the very least, pay attention to what you’re dreaming about. Look for symbols and reoccurring themes.
  • Listen To Your Body’s Signals.  Observe how you feel around certain people and situations. There are people that you are attracted to, that make you feel uplifted and happy. And, there are people who zap your energy. When you feel tense, uneasy or even unwell around certain people, trust the power of intuition at work. Avoid the offenders and energy vampires. Trust your instincts.
  • Become More Comfortable with “Ah-Ha” Moments and give yourself the okay to to follow your hunches. The more your intuition builds, the more you’ll become aware of ah-ha moments. These signals are proof that  your own internal GPS is working and taking you on the right path.
  • Stay Creative and Play Often.  When you work to exercise the right side of your brain, you are stretching the area that keeps you aligned to your intuition. Make enjoying music, art and fun part of your daily routine.

Trust your heart and let the power of intuition be your guide. It’s your own internal GPS, designed to help you take the right path in life.


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