Why Do Crystals Disappear, Fall Off or Break?


Like many of you, I have a fondness for crystals. Crystal lovers like me understand their magical gifts and power of communication, and often report that their crystals suddenly disappear for no apparent reason.  Search Google on “why do crystals disappear”,”losing crystals”or any derivative on the topic and it’s surprising how much material is out there on the subject.  It’s actually a quite common topic.

I’m particularly fascinated with this crystal disappearance phenomena because of a defining experience I had during a time in my life when I was at a critical crossroads.

I think crystal energy played a part in what was happening at the time, or vice versa.

Here’s my personal crystal disappearance story.

My Crystals Wanted To Stay In NYC, But I Didn’t

Several years ago, I had a great job as an executive in the beauty industry. The position required a ton of travel and I was fortunate to have a corporate apartment in NYC where the company was based. My husband and family were in Florida and I commuted back and forth from New York, or wherever I was traveling from, for about 5 years. Basically, I came home on the weekends.  As you can imagine, the heavy travel got old after several years. This situation had come to a head and I found myself at a difficult crossroads, a potential career crisis. It wasn’t easy to decide to leave a well paying corporate position, knowing full well it would be difficult to find a similar role in Florida.  Contemplating what to do left me feeling emotionally distraught and really stressed out.

Crystals That Pop Off, Break or Disappear Are Trying To Tell You Something

That’s when the crystals started popping off, breaking (exploding is a more accurate word for what occurred) and disappearing.

I regularly wear beautiful crystals as jewelry, preferably raw stones. I was in a coffee shop in Manhattan having breakfast alone one morning during this career crisis period when the quartz crystal point necklace (on a 36″ chain) I was wearing seemed to violently throw itself onto the floor.  The necklace didn’t get caught on anything, the chain just broke while I was calmly eating breakfast.  Moreover, what stuck me as odd is the way it shattered as it hit the floor. It was as if someone was throwing the crystals down forcefully. They shattered into hundreds of pieces.

Next, came my engagement ring, which I had been wearing without incident for more than 20 years.  A couple of days after the quartz crystal necklace incident, I went to put on my engagement ring and noticed two small diamonds from the ring’s track setting were gone. I had not bumped it on anything, and there was no damaging distress incident with the ring that I could recall. It was probably just a coincidence?  hmmmmm…..

And that same week as I was leaving NYC, out of Laguardia, I was wearing a beloved raw smoky quartz wrapped in wire by my favorite healing crystal jewelry designer, Gemma Rose. I looked down and I was wearing the chain, but not the smoky quartz. It was gone. I backtracked and looked all over for it, but it was no where to be found!

As you can see, I had not one but three incidents with beloved crystals in one week during a really rocky time in my life. (pun intended lol) This led me to study up to try to figure out what was going on.

Conclusion:  What It Means When Your Crystals Disappear, Fall Off or Break 

I follow Hibiscus Moon as a leading crystal guru and expert. I love her authentic, down to earth teachings on crystals at her Crystal Academy.

According to Hibiscus Moon, when crystals disappear, it’s because they have simply decided to leave us.

Crystals leave because their work with us is done and they choose to move on to someone else, who needs them more than we do.

It actually gets even more interesting. Hibiscus Moon discusses how crystals are masters of quantum physics and that they can actually poof themselves (teleport) from one dimension to another. Ultimately, crystals are here to help us and they go where they are needed. When they want to leave, they leave.

In my case, we could add that they really just wanted to stay in New York. My energy was so “off” that week that they really couldn’t stand me and just wanted to break away, literally. I don’t blame them at all.

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